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Larry Widrow  --- Research Interests
There is strong evidence that galaxies such as our own are embedded in massive halos of non-luminous dark matter. Morever, cosmological constraints indicate that most, if not all, of this dark matter is in the form some exotic non-baryonic particle and numerous groups around the world have set out to detect these particles as they pass through the Earth.

Much of my research focuses on the nature of dark matter halos. What are their shapes? Is dark matter smoothly distributed or clumpy? What effect do dark halos have on galactic dynamics? Over the past few years, I have worked with John Dubinski at the University of Toronto to refine and expand a code, dubbed GalactICS, which builds equilibrium models for dist galaxies. These models have been used extensively in simulations of galactic dynamics. Studies range from simulations of bar formation to galactic mergers.

I am currently involved in the Pan-Andromeda Archeological Survey (PAndAS), an international collaboration whose aim is to explore the environment of the Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies. Check out the PAndAS Webpage where you'll find a description of the project and links to recent papers

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