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Larry Widrow  --- Current & Past Students

Current Graduate Students

Nathan Deg - Ph.D. Candidate (M.Sc. 2010)
Tidal streams as a probe of the Galactic potential
Elaine Briere - Ph.D. Candidate (co-supervised with K. Spekkens, RMC))
Observations and modelling of disk galaxies

Former Graduate Students

Pascal Elahi - Ph.D. 2010 (currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)
The slippery slope toward the bottom of the CDM Hierarchy
Joseph MacMillan - Ph.D. 2006 (most recently a Lecturer at UOIT)
Isolated Collapse of Dark Matter Halos
Matthew Crosby - M.Sc. 2006
Constraining the Mass of M31
David Stiff - Ph.D. 2003 (senior manager of applied research at RiskAnalytica)
Dark Matter Detection and Structure Formation
George Davies - Ph.D. 2002 (currently working in finance)
Production of Cosmic Vorticity and Magnetic Fields
Michael Seymour - M.Sc. 2000 (most recently, HPC support at CITA)
Detecting Substructure in Dark Matter Haloes Using Wavelets and Segmentation Analysis
Gilbert Holder - M.Sc. 1996 (currently an Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair at McGill)
Shapes of Dark Matter Haloes and Implications for Microlensing
Jonathan Dursi - M.Sc. 1996 (Senior Research Assistant, CITA-Toronto)
The Role of Initial Conditions on the Shapes of Dark Matter Haloes

Current Undergraduate Students

Jason Kezwer
Inferring the structure of dark matter haloes from satellite kinematics
Naoya Kobayashi
Galaxy Interactions at a Distance

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