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Martin Duncan  --- Publications


Duncan, M.J., Brasser, R., Dones, L. and Levison, H.F. 2007,
The Role of the Galaxy in the Dynamical Evolution of Transneptunian Objects
Invited and refereed review chapter in The Solar System Beyond Neptune.
Eds A. Barucci, H. Boehnhardt, D. Cruikshank and A. Morbidelli
(Tucson: University of Arizona Press). 18 page chapter, in press.

Brasser, R., Duncan, M.J., and Levison, H.F. 2006,
Embedded star clusters and the formation of the Oort Cloud, Icarus, 184, 59-82

Thommes, E.W., and Duncan, M.J. 2006,
The accretion of giant-planet cores, Invited and refereed review chapter in Planet Formation
eds H. Klahr and W Brandner (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press). pp. 129-146.

McNeil, D., Duncan, M.J., and Levison, H.F. 2005,
Effect of Type I Migration on Terrestrial Planet Formation, AJ, 130, 2884-2899.

Duncan, M.J., Levison, H.F. and Dones, L. 2005,
Dynamical Evolution of Ecliptic Comets, Invited and refereed review chapter in Comets II
eds M. Festou, H.U. Keller and H.A. Weaver (Tucson: University of Arizona Press), pp. 193-204.

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