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Richard Henriksen  --- Research Interests
I study the dynamical structure of cosmological dark matter halos from a theoretical point of view. Dark matter can only be detected indirectly through its gravitational effects, but it consistently appears as the most massive component of the Universe. The more recently discovered dark energy is the dominant energy component of the Universe but it does not gravitate, and models for it are in their infancy. I use a combination of theoretical analysis and numerical simulation to study the relaxation of dark matter dominated systems. This work is currently being done in conjunction with colleagues in Denmark and Spain, in addition to my team at Queen's. I am trying to understand star formation and dark matter sub-halo structure in terms of what might be called `ballistic turbulence'. This is an N-body ensemble comprised of tidally interacting hierarchically organized clumps of matter.
Finally the magnetic-hydrodynamic interaction between a central star and a surrounding disc is a major unsolved problem for which I construct simple models. This also has application to star formation.

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